Partnering with industry leaders

Grow with more intelligence

Our sensor technology is designed to make profitable year-round growing a reality.

We bring together real time environment, crop performance, 3rd party, and key business data to provide actionable insight instantly

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BETA LAUNCH – Summer 2022

More control, less cost

Achieve better light quality and energy savings with our modular and customisable design.
Create the right long term solution for any environment.

Vertical Farming​
Medicinal Plants

Design the right recipe

Use our lab and industry experts to create the right recipe to work in your environment. Test new plant species in controlled environments, test and replicate the perfect light recipe, and test food quality and safety.

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Manufacturing you can trust

Not only do we design our own products, but we also have our own UK-based manufacturing facility in Manchester – UK Circuits. This gives us the agility, flexibility, and scale to build cost effective solutions for your indoor environment.

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World Vertical Farming Awards 2021

Award winning 

We are proud to be winners of the Best Sustainability Initiative at the 2021 Vertical Farming World Awards.

Our patent-pending nurturGROW product is 90% recyclable which drastically reduces landfill waste and is also 85%  reusable, allowing growers to easily upgrade components.

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We plant trees for every product sold

We are proud reforestation partners with One Tree Planted.

Why trees? To give back to the environment, reduce our carbon footprint and our customers, filter the air we breathe, clean the water we drink and provide habitat to a majority of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.

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