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As global demand in indoor farming increases, more grow lighting manufacturers and suppliers are being introduced to the market. While this offers more choice and availability to growers and farmers, it also offers an opportunity for rogue manufacturers to flood the market with cheaply made products which are often not quality assured or even safety guaranteed.       

Although LEDs typically last around 50,000 hours, cheaply manufactured grow lights can have poor cooling or over-powered LEDs, so that the light intensity drops significantly with normal use in just a few months. This can have serious ramifications, not just for OPEX costs but also for crop yields.  

As indoor farming requires significant investment, it is wise to choose LED grow lights that are high quality, cost-effective and energy efficient for your business. LED grow lights also need changing every five years, not every five minutes, which is why our tried and tested approach in real environments is proven to last. 

For these reasons we have launched nurturGROW, our new product range which is high performing and cost-effective. We have put together 5 reasons, as specialists in UK manufacturing, why growers should invest in high quality products: 

1.Proud to be a UK manufacturing specialist  

High quality UK products start with a high-quality UK manufacturing process you can trust, backed by expertise, rigorous testing and access to the most cutting-edge technology. This gives us the agility, flexibility, and scale to build cost effective solutions for your indoor environment. 

As a technology-led Controlled Environment Agriculture business, we are able to harness over 25 years of manufacturing expertise through our group company UK Circuits and Electronics Solutions, which works across multiple industries with applications including lighting, electronics, pest control and oil and gas sensors. UK Circuits is a Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM) providing surface mount and conventional assembly in a 20,000 sq ft facility servicing over 70 clients. Through quality-driven UK manufacturing, we have created unrivalled scale and customisation to offer 1000s of light recipes and variable lengths of LED grow lights of up to 2.78 metres, the longest luminaire on the market, available as part of our nurturGROW range.  

2. Sustainable grow LED lighting design   

Sustainability is one of our core values. We believe that sustainability should underpin any business as we move towards Net Zero and look at ways of reducing our carbon footprint. Our aim is to make your indoor farming investment as sustainable and energy efficient as possible. One of our market differentials is that our lighting product is 90% recyclable or reusable, featuring just four core components which can be recycled. This equates to a future cost saving of 30%. 

 This ethos also extends to our work with others who are equally dedicated to giving back to the planet. As a proud reforestation partner with One Tree Planted, they plant a tree for every product we sell to support projects that help sustainable agriculture. This forms part of a joint commitment to champion global reforestation efforts and raise awareness of the importance of ecosystem restoration.   

Land is becoming scarce and the earth’s resources are running low, as the global population is set to reach 9.7 billion in 2050. Vertical farming and other methods of indoor farming such as polytunnels and greenhouses are proving to be a viable, sustainable solution to the growing global food crisis.

3. Rigorous testing of LED grow lighting technology  

As experts in our field, we have invested significantly in both manual and automated test equipment to ensure quality compliance and future reliability. 

 An integral part of our in-house design and development process is our stress and thermal analysis, which ensures our products won’t fail while they are in your environment.  

 With full IP67 certification on our nurturGROW product range, we can guarantee performance in the toughest growing environments. Our completely airtight, waterproof seal gives you a consistent performance so you can focus on other aspects of your business. 

Using the latest equipment, we can accurately measure PAR (400nm-700nm) Quantum PAR (250nm-1040nm) and CIE in a 22 metre bespoke light tunnel using our 2021 SSL Spectral Photo Goniometer. Operating to BS EN 13032/Part 4 and LM79/08 and Laboratory procedures 17025, our goniometer is the only measurement device in the world that can measure in all three standards in real time comparisons and create accurate scientific results. 

 Our dedicated team of scientists create the right recipe for your plants in our onsite, purposely constructed lab, helping recreate the perfect growing environments before you commit to any large investments​​. 

What this all adds up to is quality assurance and a low failure rate, guaranteed. 

4. Future proof LED lighting design 

nurturGROW minimises the amount of materials needed to drastically cut down on waste. Backed by a 25-year product lifecycle, it ensures you maximise use of every element over a longer lifespan, to cut both CAPEX and OPEX costs and to generate optimum yields.  

To help reduce environmental impact, 85% can be re-used to upgrade and incorporate new technology. Utilising high performing LED grow lighting UK innovation, nurturGROW has a smart, future proof design using tough, high quality materials to strike the ideal balance between strength and optimal performance.  

We can even adjust the light recipe for you, as nurturGROW will allow you to increase, decrease or change the recipe to your preference. Thanks to an interchangeable luminaire body, the nuturGROW product range enables you to easily change to a top light, interlight, high power, medium or low power LED grow light. 

The unique aspect of our design means that we have already allowed for future integration of sensor technologies – which are currently under development. This offers significant added value, as by choosing to add in our new sensor technology, you can look to control your environment in much more granular detail. This will enable you to reduce any sub-optimal performances, whether that be in any environmental controls or from the light itself.  

This will greatly reduce your CAPEX to ultimately have a positive impact on your bottom line.  

 5. Quality UK Manufacturing + LED grow light expertise = grow more with less 

At Light Science Technologies, we have carefully built a specialist team of laboratory and industry experts who all have extensive sector experience across science, technology, UK manufacturing, design and operations. This provides you with access to some of the best minds in horticulture, lighting, and other industries, so both your crops and bottom line benefit. We also draw on years of UK manufacturing expertise and the latest design engineering capabilities, combined with a solution-based approach to product design, to deliver the most advanced LED grow light technology solution for indoor farming.     

Craig Price is our Operations Director who has extensive operational and production experience, holding overall responsibility to manage the development and implementation of operation strategies across Light Science Technologies. His unwavering focus ensures we will continue to develop world class products and services for the Controlled Environment Agriculture sector.   

The ability to test in our new, in-house laboratory and in our 22 metre bespoke light tunnel means we can offer the most accurate plant performance data for you to create the perfect light recipe.  By working with us, we can create the right long-term solution for your environment.

If you want market-leading LED grow light expertise backed by robust UK manufacturing and a partner focused on results, contact us now for more details via or call 01332 410601. 

Want to experience further benefits of our lighting and sensor technology? Click here. 

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