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“No two days are the same here; it may sound cliched, but I feel as though we’re all on this great journey of discovery. It’s the meeting of two worlds: a fast-moving digital marketing landscape which seems to change on a daily basis, combined with the agtech revolution which is going ballistic!

Before coming onboard, I worked for a FSTE 100 company, Informa, for over 10 years helping deliver successful B2B marketing strategies, launching new products and leading digital transformation projects. After leaving Informa I ran my own business consultancy for 4 ½ years with clients including multinationals and a number of start-ups.”

“The industry has left me hooked”

“My days at LST are super varied and very interesting. It can range from product development to marketing strategy and business planning to talking to potential partners. LST is genuinely a fun, innovative place to work and as a newbie to the field of controlled environment agriculture, it’s somewhere I’m always learning so I try to set aside some time to understand the industry a bit more. Although I don’t think I will have enough time to become an expert.

Having worked with marketing technology for most of my career and seeing the impact tech will have on the agricultural industry has been something I have always kept an eye on. I was lucky enough to be presented the opportunity to work as a consultant with LST and since then I have been hooked.”

“Importing over £11bn in food is just bonkers”

“As indoor farming tech specialists, food importing is one area we want to fix. We import over £11bn of fruit and vegetables in the UK which is bonkers! By using technology in indoor growing environments, we can look to help growers reduce imports, reduce food miles and make food more sustainable and local.

I’m driven through seeing the impact our technology will have on the AgriTech industry and ultimately helping with access to sustainable ways of growing. What I’m focused on is what is really important to customers now and also having a view on the future. For anyone wanting to work in marketing in the AgriTech space, I’d say speak to as many people in the industry as possible, every time I do I always learn and come up with new ideas.”

“CEA will become more mainstream as AgriTech takes hold”

“LST promotes a really positive work culture. There is no traditional hierarchy, and everyone works together to come up with ideas on how we create products and services. Everyone can input and be part of our growth as a business. We came together during the pandemic and have built strong working and personal relationships that have worked on Teams calls as well as in real life.

It is an exciting time in the industry, no question. Technology is being widely adopted across all areas of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and COP26 has challenged consumers and businesses to think differently about how we become more sustainable in everything we do. I can see CEA becoming more and more mainstream as supplementary to traditional farming and higher-yield crops being grown indoors. Hopefully, we will see a reduction in food imports and the growth of a thriving CEA industry that is recognised as a core pillar of the food industry.”