Our horticulture reseach laboratory

To help you create the right growing recipe, we purposely constructed our horticulture research lab in 2020 for plant science and the development of horticulture lighting and environmental technologies. ​

Our horticulture research laboratory has four fully equipped scientist workstations. And is one of the first in the world designed to allow our scientists to continue working safely even through a pandemic.

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Create the perfect growing recipe

Using our in-house horticulture research lab, we work with you to create the perfect growing recipe with fully updateable, bespoke, and intelligent lighting solutions. ​​
We combine all this to help you to grow the optimal yield and reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs.​

The best approach​

We understand lighting is only one part of the growing recipe and without understanding your complete environment you can waste light and ultimately cost. That is why we offer a field visit to assess your environment, offer practical ways to improve yield, and reduce cost.

How we help

Visit and review your environment and business objectives

Create optimal light designs to show you how you can improve

Use controlled environment trials to show the impact of identified changes

Create a report detailing the various options to improve your yield and reduce cost

The right light

Not all light is the same and when it comes to plants you need to get it right if you want to grow higher yields and save cost.


To get the right light for your plants, use our Quantum PAR Photo-Goniometer testing facility to validate the performance of your existing solutions or compare new ones independently.


Our in-house scientist can help identify the right spectral waveforms and PPFD levels by recreating various environment scenarios in one of our accredited grow chambers.

The perfect recipe

Working in partnership with you and industry experts we can help you test new crops in our controlled environment chambers.​

We can run up to 12 concurrent trials in 6 chambers to mimic any environment and use historical and real-time data to help create the right recipe for you.

How we help


Recipe development for higher density / profit margin crops

Access to industry leading scientist​s in different plant species

Prototyping new crops before investment

Reach In grow chamber

The ideal quality

With food safety and nutritional quality as important as ever, we can schedule, document, and interpret your plants to ensure quality control is met.

Partnering with industry leaders

As each brief and research requirement is unique, we have the ability to combine our ​in-house laboratory team with experts, through our partnerships, to deliver game changing results.

We are always looking for new partners and experts to help our research.