The lab equipment

Our growing environments

Using our Conviron A2000 reach-in grow chambers, we can run up to 12 concurrent trials in 6 chambers to mimic any environment controlling Temperature, Humidity and CO2. ​

Each chamber is centrally controlled from a PC recording all of the environmental data as part of our research and validation of results.

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Reach In grow chamber

Six Conviron A2000 Grow Chambers ​ – Download spec sheet

Assessing the
right light

Our 24 PHYTOFY RL Lighting systems, allows us to recreate natural light, artificial light and our own light manipulation experiments to identify the exact wavelength and intensity requirements for any species of plant or microbiology.​

PHYTOFY RL was developed for the International Space Station program and NASA in cooperation with Michigan State University and Utah State University. ​

Light regimes can be programmed for day length, wavelength and intensity to a combination to recreate the perfect light.

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24 PHYTOFY RL Lighting systems​ – Download spec sheet

Measuring light

Built inside a 22 metre bespoke light tunnel using our 2021 SSL Spectral Photo Goniometer, we can accurately measure PAR (400nm-700nm) Quantum PAR (250nm-1040nm) and CIE.*​

Operating to BS EN 13032/Part 4 and LM79/08 and Laboratory procedures 17025, our 2021 SSL Spectral Photo Goniometer is the only measurement device in the world that can measure in all three standards in real time comparisons and create accurate scientific results. ​

* PAR (Photo Synthetic Active Radiation 400nm-700nm), Quantum PAR (Quantum Photo Synthetic Active Radiation) CIE (Commission Internationale de L’Eclairage, 01/01/1978 – the human visual perspective of light)

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2021 SSL Spectral Photo Goniometer – Download spec sheet

Llcor LI-6800 ​- Download spec sheet

Plant health

To increase your yield, we measure the health of any plant growing in our test environment to see how it is performing. ​

The LIcor LI-6800 is the only photosynthesis system capable of measuring combined gas exchange and fluorescence from leaves and aquatic samples in just a few seconds with the highest level of accuracy and detail. The LI-6800 also instantly details temperature and humidity.

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Advanced water and environment testing

Using high-speed wavelength scanning across the UV and Visible Spectrum, we can help you identify the macronutrients in your plants and check for all types of food safety, quality and chemical contamination.​

We can manage high-volume testing via a carousel sample changer, and increased accuracy with a sample delivery system that eliminates optical difference errors.​

To ensure you can schedule, document and interpret your test we provide integrated quality assurance software package allowing easy access to your results.

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The DR6000™ is the industry’s most advanced laboratory spectrophotometer for water testing. It offers over 250 pre-programmed methods ​

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List of tests available

Growing medium

To ensure we obtain only plant performance data, we use a natural biodegradable growing medium – GrowFoam – in our chambers. ​

As it has no effect on the plant, we obtain only data generated by the performance of the plant, the environment and the nutrient provided.

Using the right water

To deliver precise results our lab is equipped with pure water provision. This allows us to examine in detail nutrient solutions and nutrient balance affected by plant nutrient uptake. ​

We can use this data to help food producers reduce the amount of fertilisers used in food production and dramatically reduces pollution in our natural water courses.

Bringing the data to life

To make it easy for you to create the right plant recipe, we are working with a number Universities and our in-house Big Data Bank to develop an AI capable of monitoring and proactively controlling environmental parameters and plant performance.

Using the latest stacked GPGPU technology to create super fast analytical capabilities, we can deep mine data and develop lighting and environmental recipes for increased plant performance, taste control and quality.