Using our existing lighting and sensor technology we are looking to develop solutions that increase the yields for polytunnel and greenhouse growers.

The solution will provide supplementary light during the darker months of the year, reducing the need for food imports, and will make growers more efficient by semi-automating processes.

More information will be available later this year.

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Futureproof your investment ​

We are always looking to improve plant performance so we have built a recyclable design that allows you to upgrade components, cost effectively and with no downtime.


Maximise yield now and in the future​

We work in partnership with you to create a bespoke solution that reduces energy and saves cost using technology and data. Using our in-house laboratory and experts we help design the right solution to match your budgeted yields and costs.

Create the right recipe for your environment​

It is not just the lighting that you need to get right to grow high yield and cost-effective plants. Our patent-pending sensor measures key areas including light, water, air, temperature, humidity, oxygen, and nutrients to ensure you get optimal plant productivity and yield whatever environment. ​

Reduce costs with the right solution ​

Reducing your CAPEX and OPEX costs are critical for making a return on your investment. To make sure you get the most out of your environment, our modular luminaires with variable fitting lengths, can be installed to create the perfect recipe and reduce waste – both energy and space.​

Less waste

Created with minimal core component parts, nurturGROW uses cutting edge design to create the perfect balance between strength and optimal performance.


of all the components can be recycled


can be re-used to upgrade to the latest technology

More uniformity

Blasting out µmol/J is not only a waste of money but also reduces the crop you can grow on your farm.

We work with you to create the right uniformity for your environment using our in-house laboratory to test what works best and create the right design using nurturGROW’s modular system.

Example Relux diagram

More sustainable

nurturGROW’s patent pending interchangeable inner body allows you to update and change your lights whenever you need to.

If you want to grow something different or want to add in some of our market-leading sensor technology in the future, we can just swap in some new lights without removing the fittings – saving you downtime and cost.

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More control

Delivering a cost effective efficacy of up 3.30 µmol/J, nurturGROW delivers the ideal light recipe for your plants at a lower cost.

Our in-house lab data, scientists, and light testing equipment mean we can work with you to create the right light recipe for your plants.

We can target the wavelengths required for the perfect recipe for crop growth. Each color is fully adjustable to recreate the perfect lighting conditions for plant development. The result is higher plant yield, quality, and more uniformity in any space.

Example spectrum: we match your plants, environment, and budget requirements.