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Grow with more intelligence

Our sensor technology is designed to make profitable year-round growing a reality.

We bring together real time environment, crop performance, 3rd party, and key business data to provide actionable insight instantly

     Deeper insight ​

  • Complete growing environment data
  • Tailored to your environment
  • Spot trends with big data      
  • All in one grow sensor

Actionable growing intelligence ​

  • Become proactive not reactive
  • Increased profitability with deeper understanding
  • Improve yield and quality 
  • Better resource management 

Highly reliable connectivity

  • Monitor your performance remotely
  • Easy to install modular wireless sensors
  • Long battery life (1yr+)
  • Able to withstand extreme environments

Ideal for



Vertical farms

Arable fields

Become a BETA tester

Reduce risk

Key growing decisions are often based on an individual’s experience, however insufficient data or covering large areas can lead to growers not getting a complete picture of their environment or missing something that only data can show.

We use data and insight from all aspects of your growing environment to reduce risk and make you more proactive. 

Manage labour resource

Reduce wastage

Predict the future

Increase performance and yield

We understand that every growing environment is unique and that environmental measurements only really mean something when they are matched with your performance targets.

To help you achieve this, we work with you to create affordable tailored solution specifically for your growing area.

This allows you as the grower, to create a benchmark and have an accurate starting point as to what ‘good’ looks like and plot your performance over time.

Become a BETA tester

Game changing results using actionable insight

To really set you apart and transform your growing environment, we analyse data across your business – from your growing parameters to crop performance and business metrics – and combine it with macro environmental and historical data to give you actional insight into how you can grow more with less. 

Forecast results

Faster actions

Increase profits

Complete environment control

Air zone measurements ​

  • C02
  • Humidity
  • Temperature 
  • Vapour Pressure Deficit
  • Light
  • Pressure
  • Growing degree days

Root zone measurements* ​

  • Nutrients – EC, pH
  • Root zone temperature
  • Root zone moisture

*launching in 2023

Crop assessment

  • Overall plant health rating
  • Moisture level
  • Disease
  • Crop measurements
  • Crop height
  • Crop mass
  • Crop yield

Crop insight

  • Interactive dashboards
  • Crop alerts
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Real-time and historical data
  • 3rd party data

Reliable connectivity

  • Long lasting battery life (1 year +)
  • Extended range – up to 10km
  • API connectivity
  • Secure cloud data storage
  • Modular sensors
  • Zone management control
  • Local or wireless connections