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Bespoke LED grow lighting makes it easy for you to increase yield and reduce costs, delivering a tangible return on investment and ensuring that yields are managed and maintained to the expected levels. The right combination of LED light source, intelligent technology and industry expertise can transform your glasshouse and help you tackle any legacy issues that may be impacting on growth or yield. To create your ideal LED-based grow light design, it’s important to consider three key factors: selecting the right light layout and design for your crops and location, planning for the long-term, and investing into bespoke LED grow lights that can be adapted to suit different plants and glasshouse requirements. 


Find the right light recipe 

“Getting the light recipe right is paramount,” says Craig Price, Operations Director at Light Science Technologies. “Not only do different species of plant respond to different light spectrums, but they also respond to the amount of light. Too little means poor growth and too much can over stress the plant. 


“We use our laboratory and industry experts to help create the right light recipe that will work in a grower’s environment. This recipe will be to the scale that’s needed and will be designed to ensure that performance is optimal, and optimised, for the next 25 years and beyond,” he continues. “The goal is to provide more than just a recipe to ensuring LED grow light success, but a complete solution that takes light, nutrients and other environmental parameters into account.”  


Leverage LED grow light spectrum 

Light spectrum is one of the most important factors to consider when investing in vertical, glasshouse or polytunnel lighting. The right light spectrum can fundamentally change glasshouse yield and plant quality, while incorrect use of light spectrum and light placement may not delivery the desired results. Understanding the light spectrum and how it can both influence and be influenced means that any area can be turned into a high-yield vertical farming space, even if it doesn’t have access to any natural light. 


LED grow lights are adaptable to all stages of plant growth as they can be customised to use relevant light wavelengths that optimise growth while ensuring that lighting is evenly distributed. These lights are also capable of emitting light in the blue and deep red light spectrums that plants favour for growth – light spectrums that traditional lighting systems usually cannot achieve. However, plants don’t just favour red and blue light, they also need other colours, particularly yellow and green, to achieve optimum growth and photosynthesis. LED grow lights are capable of being customised to adapt colour spectrum to suit specific stages of plant growth and to align with the latest insights and research. 


Make long-term cost savings  

“Bespoke LED lighting can potentially save a company money over the long term,” says Price. “I use the term ‘square peg into a round hole’ when explaining to companies how LED lights can change their financial profile and ROI. With these lights, you can increase, decrease and change the light recipe to remove any sub-optimal performances within the system, and this will only impact positively on the bottom line.” 


A fully upgradable, bespoke and intelligent LED grow lighting solution has the potential to deliver optimal yield and reduce both your CAPEX and OPEX costs.  Bespoke LED grow lights don’t necessarily mean heavy investment either. The key here is to work with an experienced LED grow light partner that understands every variable and can help you to design a solution that fits your unique growing parameters.   


While a bespoke LED grow light solution is customised to suit specific spaces, crops and lighting conditions and to achieve very specific results, it has the added benefit of saving you money over the long term, delivering a return on investment (ROI) across LED grow light lifespan, crop yield, crop quality and profits.  


Achieve more energy efficiency 

With LED grow lights, there are tangible energy savings that will be felt by your budget compared with traditional lighting solutions such as SON and HPS Light offer products. While LED grow lights can be initially more expensive as an investment compared with alternatives, they consume less power and are far more energy efficient. This translates to immediate savings on electricity costs. Don’t forget too of course that LED grow lights have a longer lifespan, delivering high light quality for up to 50, 000 hours and with replaceable sub-components that allow for ongoing maintenance and management. With sustainable and interchangeable LED grow lights, you can reduce costs and generate maximum yields for more than 25 years.  


Reduce landfill waste 

Indoor farming is proving more and more why it is a major part of the climate solution – from its methods and technology to materials used. Light Science Technology’s nurturGROW range features
market-leading LED lighting technology which is backed by a 25-year product lifecycle, ensuring indoor farmers maximise use of every element over a longer lifespan to generate maximum yields and save them a third on future costs.  It benefits from a sustainable, future proof design, as 90% of its components are recyclable and 85% is also reusable, therefore drastically cutting down on landfill waste and contributing to the circular economy. 

Work with a trusted LED grow lighting partner to reap optimum results  

There are huge benefits to investing into bespoke LED grow lighting, but the key to achieving this is to invest in quality LED lights that deliver on their promise, by investing into the light recipe that can achieve your very specific results, and by working with a trusted partner that understands exactly what your business needs.  


As a grower, you want to manage your crops to very high specifications and with minimal room for error, reducing the risks commonly associated with agriculture. Using bespoke LED grow lights, you can gain even deeper control over your environment and potentially increase your efficiencies and yield. This allows for you to grow more in a smaller space while reducing your impact on the environment.  


“Our LED grow lights nurturGROW are embedded within a sustainable luminaire body and are designed to help you reduce costs over the long term through reduced power consumption and intelligent use of technology,” Price explains. “Within our current product portfolio, we’re able to deliver performances of up to 3.33 µmol/j but our aims are to increase this to – 4.00 µmol/j and beyond. 


Bespoke lighting doesn’t have to be expensive, and the right lighting could see you achieve returns on investment (ROI) that help you grown more for less. It’s about choosing the right partner to work with you to create an affordable tailored solution that achieves better light quality, energy savings and yield, one who can create the right recipe for your environment and who has the latest technology and science at their fingertips, ready to help you shift your yield forwards. 

We can help you transform with the correct lighting using right technology, expertise and science. Contact us on 01332 410601 to speak to one of the team or email